Reserves /Grade



Kilembe in Kasese District; Boboong in Kotido District, Kitaka in Bushenyi District and Kampono in Mbarara District

Reserve at closure  was about 6 million tonne at 1.77% Cu

Government signed concession agreement  with a Chinese company  Tibet Hima to develop the copper resources at Kilembe mines


Kilembe in Kasese District

5.5 million  tonnes with grade of 0.17% of cobalt

Kasese Cobalt Company Limited  has been processing cobalt stockpile which is nearly exhausted.


Kazumu in Ntungamo District, Mutaka in Bushenyi, Bulema and Ishasha in Kanungu District and in Rukungiri District; Mbale Estate in Mubende  & Lunya in Mukono District

Under evaluation

Under exploration


(associated with platinum precious metal)

Nakiloro in Moroto District.

Under evaluation

Under exploration


Districts of:  Bushenyi, Mbarara, Kabale Kisoro, Rukungiri Kanungu, Busia,  Mubende, Moroto, Hoima, & many streams of  West Nile

Five (5)  million ounces of gold in  Mubende District by  Anglo Uganda Corporation.

 One (1)  million ounces of gold  estimated at  Mashonga

Mining Leases granted to

1. M/s Greenstone resources at (Tira, Busia District)

 2. M/s Anglo Uganda Corporation (AUC Mining, Mubende District)

3. M/s Kisita Co. Mining  (Mubende District) and

 4. M/sJan Mangal (U) Limited in Moroto District



Districts of: Muko, Kabale, Kisoro, Mbarara, & Hoima Tororo (Magnetite in Bukusu and; Sukulu), Moroto (Napak) &  Kotido (Toror)

Recent discoveries are in Bufumbira County, Kisoro, Nangara, Karukara, Buhara in Kabale District, Butologo in Kanungu District & Kateera in Mityana.

50 Mt  at  Muko, Kabale

 2 Mt in Mugabuzi, Mbarara

23 Mt at Bukusu and 45 Mt at Sukulu; Tororo District

50 Mt at Buhara in Kabale District (new dicovery)

55 Mt at Butologo in Kanungu District (new discovery)

8 million tonnes in Bufumbira, Kisoro (new discovery)

4 Mining Leases, granted for development of iron ore resources

1. Great Lakes Iron & Steel Company Limited,

2. Kigezi Steel Company Limited, Uganda

3. Uganda International Mining Company Limited

4. Sino Minerals Investment Company Limited


Kamwenge District (Kampono, Kanyambogo and Kitaka in Kitomi Forest), Isingiro district (Kikagati)

Under evaluation

Under exploration


Ruhuma in Kabale District; Mwerasandu, Rwamwire and Nyabushenyi in Ntungamo District; Lunya in Mukono District; Nampeyo and Mbale Estate in Mubende District.

Under evaluation

Pegmatite deposits suitable for small scale mining

Columbite Tantalite


Ntungamo District; Bushenyi District; Kanungu District; Kisoro district and Lunya in Mukono District.

Sukulu in Tororo District (230 million tons of which Bukusu Complex in Mbale District; Napak in Moroto District and Toror in Kotido District.

130 million tons of Niobium at Sukulu

The Sukulu phospahate deposit is potentially the most important source  of Niobium.


Mwerasandu, Kaina, Nyinamaherere in Ntungamo District; Kikagati in Isingiro District, Ndaniyankoko, Kitezo in Mbarara District, Burama Ridge on the Kabale/ Ntungamo border, Rwaminyinya in Kisoro District.

1.0 million tons at 2.5% tin estimated in Ntungamo and 2.5 million in Isingiro  by First Mining Company Limited


Two mining leases: Zarnack holdings and First Mining company Limited


Bukusu Complex in manafwa District (22% TiO2) and Sukulu in Tororo District (13% TiO2).

Grade of titanium is 22% TiO2 and  (13% TiO2 in Bukusu and Sukulu respectively.

Un developed


Nyamuliro (Bjordal Mine) and Ruhija in Kabale District; Kirwa, Mutolere, Rwamanyinya and Bahati in Kisoro district; Kyasampawo in Mubende District and Buyaga in Rakai District

Kirwa wolfram resources are at 801,300 metric tonnes with average grade of 68.67% WO3,

One (1) million tones and possible reserves of 355 million tonnes at Nyamuliro with  ore grade at 0.1%

(3)mining leases granted:

1.Krone Uganda Limited ,

2.Berkeley Reef Limited

3.Sino Minerals investments.


Silver occurs in association with galena at Kitaka in Kamwenge District and Mubende granite in Mubende District

Under evaluation



Zinc occurs with galena at Kitaka in Kamwenge District

Under evaluation


Rare Earth Elements


Isolated pegmatites in SW Uganda,

Carbonatite centres in Eastern Uganda (Sukulu, Butiriku, Bukusu, Napak)

REE grade at Sukulu is 0.32% La2O5

Unexplored, but Sukulu is now under exploration

Limestone/ Marble

Muhokya in Kasese District and Dura in Kamwenge District, and Hima in Kasese District.

Sukulu and Tororo in Tororo District; Napak and Katikekile in Moroto District and Toror in Kotido District; Moyo Districts. 

14.5 million  tonnes at Hima, Kasese and

11.6 million tonnes at  Dura, Kamwenge

Vast resources of marble in Karamoja region

production on large scale in Kasese, Tororo and Moroto Districts


Sukulu in Tororo District and Bukusu in Mbale District, Lolekek in Napak

230 million tons at Sukulu with grade of 13.1% p2o5 ;

50 million tons at Bukusu with grade of 12.8% p2o5 ;

Investment in fertilizer manufacturing plant viable

Apatite with magnetite, vermiculite, pyrochlore, barite, zircon, uranium, titanium,Niobium and rare earth elements.)


Sukulu in Tororo District and Bukusu Carbonatite Complex (Namekhara, Nakhupa, Surumbusa, Kabatola and Sikusi) in Mbale District

54.9 million tonnes at Namekhara

Mine developed at Namekhara

Investment in fertilizer manufacturing plant viable


Namasera, Migadde and Buwambo in Wakiso district; Mutaka in Bushenyi District, Kisai in Rakai District and Kilembe in Kasese District

2.8 million tonnes at Mutaka, Bushenyi.

One (1) million tonnes at Kisai(Koki), rakai

On demand by local industrial sector


Kibuku in Ntoroko Distict, Lake Mburo in Kiruhura District and Kanyatete in Lake George basin Kasese District.

2 million tons in kibuku

Available market


Kibiro in Hoima District; Katwe and Kasenyi in Kasese District

22 Million tonnes of trona at Katwe and Kasenyi, Kasese District

Mined for animal and human consumption locally.

Industrial production opportunities available


Bulema in Kanungu District; Bugangari in Rukungiri District; Mutaka in Bushenyi District; Nyabakweri in Ntungamo District and Lunya in Mukono District.

Under evaluation

Development and investment in downstream industries viable

Glass sand

Diimu and Bukakata in Masaka District; Lwera in Masaka District, Nalumuli Bay, Nyimu Bay and Kome Island in Mukono District

The highest quality 99.95% SiO2 at Kome islands, 2 Mt at Dimu and Bukakata (99.93% SiO2 )

Viable investment


Kyanite occurs at Ihunga and Kamirambuzi hills in Rukungiri district; new prospect around Murchison Falls

Under evaluation

Not explored


Panyango, Alui,  Atar and Amboso River near Packwach in Nebbi District

Under evaluation

Un developed

Dimension stones

Marble occurs in Karamoja Regio

Granite in various colours and textures occur in various parts  of the country.

Over 300 million tonnes of marble in Karamoja (Rupa, Kosiroi, Tank Hill, Forest Reserve, Matheniko, Pule and Lolung)

Tiles in Uganda are 100% imported.

A Mining Lease granted to Building Majesties (u) Limited (BML) to process granites in Mubende into  dimension stone

Clays, aggregates and hard cores

Various parts of the country


Stable demand, viable investment.

Others potential minerals

Nickel at Kafunzo in Ntungamo District; Rugaga in Isingiro District.

Platinum Group of Metals at Nakiloro in Moroto District, Bweyale in Kiryandongo District

Diamond potential in Kibaale, Butare in Buhweju District, areas around Lake Kyoga, indicator minerals occur  in Katakwi and Karamoja


Further exploration and development

being undertaken





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To Promote, through the collective action of members, the growth and development of Uganda's mining and petroleum industry, for the benefit of all Ugandans and investors.

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