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Media Campaign: The 4th Edition of 90 Days of Oil and Gas is Underway

By Julius Businge 

The 4th Edition of Uganda Chamber of Mines & Petroleum (UCMP)’s 90 Days of Oil and Gas Media Campaign is underway focusing on the theme ‘Uganda’s Journey to First Oil in the Face of a Just Energy Transition’.   

The campaign, which is an annual activity for the Chamber, aims to spotlight emerging oil and gas sector issues to inform investment and related decisions among all stakeholders. 

The main objectives of this year’s campaign are; to offer a platform for oil and gas sector actors to showcase their response to Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) requirements; to provide a platform for the government and its partners to check oil sector actors on their response to the international ESG standards and to provide space for sector players to update the country on the progress of the oil and gas sector project ahead of FIRST OIL in 2025. 

“We live in very exciting times,” says Humphrey Asiimwe, the Chief Executive Officer of UCMP.

He added: “As a country, Uganda is rushing towards First Oil. It is indeed an honor and privilege to welcome you to the 90 Days of Oil and Gas. We are committed as a country to exploiting our oil and gas resources in a fair and just way so that as a country we benefit and as a universe, we continue to protect our environment.”

The campaign comes at a time when the oil and gas sector conversation is dominated by matters of energy transition, global energy trade, technology adoption, and accomplishing key downstream projects to enable the sector to progress. 

At the center of the campaign will be a concrete discussion about Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) success stories among the players. 

In addition, updates on drilling at the oil fields and related developments on the EACOP, the Refinery, Kabalega International Airport, oil roads effect, and related infrastructure will be shared.  

Project-affected persons, international oil companies, and their collaboration with local firms (local content) issues will also be highlighted. 

The campaign will offer an opportunity for stakeholders to network and share opportunities for the development of their enterprises. 

Well-sourced articles from oil and gas experts, government officials, civil society organizations, International Oil Companies, and more will be sourced.  

UCMP’s online platforms including;…;…;… and will regularly carry the messages. 

As the campaign continues until August 30, UCMP urges all stakeholders to be part of the campaign by watching out for messages and giving constructive feedback.   It is running under the hashtag; #90DaysofOilandGas 

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