Junior Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum (JUCMP)


The Junior Uganda Chamber of Mining and Petroleum (JUCMP) is a forthcoming non-profit and non-governmental organization established to cater to the interests and talents of students and young adults in Uganda’s mining and petroleum sectors. It is founded by a group of industry professionals, academics, and young enthusiasts; JUCMP aims to bridge the gap between industry requirements and the skills possessed by the youth. JUCMP envisions empowering young individuals through tools, knowledge, and networks to become future leaders and contributors to the growth of Uganda’s resource sectors operating with a commitment to collaboration, innovation, and responsible resource management. JUCMP seeks to position itself as a prominent advocate for its members and a catalyst for positive change within the industry. The chamber is dedicated to transparency, accountability, and excellence, aiming to make a lasting and positive impact on Uganda’s mining and petroleum sectors and the passionate youth involved in these industries.


To be the leading platform empowering the youth as skilled and socially responsible leaders in Uganda’s mining and petroleum sectors, driving sustainable development and industry excellence.


JUCMP is committed to nurturing the interests and talents of students and young adults, equipping them with technical expertise, managerial acumen, and advocacy skills. Through collaboration and networking, we will foster an inclusive and innovative environment, promoting responsible resource management, environmental stewardship, and industry growth.

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