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King Fisher project: dormant endowments awakened

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In the serene environment of Kikuube district in western Uganda lies King Fisher Development Area (KFDA), a unique oil and gas  field – partly onshore and partly offshore- exposing Uganda’s richness- waters, flora and fauna above and mineral wealth beneath.

China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) operates this field.

In the mix, Uganda has found a niche, to exploit the hidden oil and gas beneath  with a view to maximize benefits for the people, national economy and ecosystem.

A host of activities geared at reaching mutual benefits are ongoing at the KFDA oil and gas field. Construction of resettlement houses for project affected persons that was undertaken by Excel Construction Co. Ug Limited are now complete and CNOOC has already handed over 56 such houses to the beneficiaries.

This seemingly little accomplishment coupled with ongoing projects at Tilenga oil and gas activities signifies complete take off of the upstream from exploration to development phases.

“Excel has also completed installation works of all the 41 conductor pipes to required depths  of 36 meters,” Excel’s Director, Mr. Satvinder Saini said. “The quantum of work done in this short  period of time shows nothing less than dedication to complete and hand over the project  to client on schedule within budget. I am very glad to report that we are on track to date,” Mr. Satvinder added. 

King Fisher field in EA3A is phase one of the CNOOC operated fields. Phase two shall be comprised of Mputa-Nzizi and Waraga fields, all within EA2-S. Up North, the Tilenga project which is made up of EA1 and  EA 2-N, is operated by TotalEnergies. Both projects operate

King Fisher is a $2billion project with seven main contractors on site. China Offshore Oil  Engineering Co. (COOEC-) and China Petroleum  Engineering & Construction Corporation (CPECC) are examples of main contractors. Overall, there are 7 main contractors. Alongside each, are  a host of sub-contractors undertaking different project activities. 

COOEC and CPECC have a contract to accomplish Engineering, Procurement and Construction in 3 projects. They are to construct a 40,000 bopd Central Processing Facility (CPF) , drill 31 wells , 11 injectors and 20 producers.

The King Fisher oil fields present more opportunities including construction of  temporal camps that accommodates 1000 people,  construction of water intake  station, 4 well pads, infields flowlines connected to CPF. The CPF will also house oil separators, water treatment facilities, water injection unit, a gas processing unit along with power generation plant. The generated power shall be used to run on-site turbines. A feeder pipeline shall be used to ship crude to export pipelines and to the refinery. Construction of access roads and material yards are more opportunities. 

“All the projects have immense opportunities to allow Uganda entities to participate through utilization of Ugandan local goods and services, Uganda  companies participation  and Ugandan citizens,” said CNOOC’s Vice President , Mr. Hu Weiji. 

“ We are promoting  and maximizing  value addition and job creation through uses of local  expertise  an goods and services  and skills,” Mr. Weiji added.  

Uganda’s Petroleum (Exploration, Development and Production Act) for the upstream, grants government a fixed 15% shares in all upstream and downstream activities.


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