Investment and opportunities


The three Joint Venture (JV) partners comprising CNOOC Uganda Limited, Total E&P Uganda and Tullow Uganda Operations Pty Ltd have over the years demonstrated their commitment to National Content development in Uganda. This has been accomplished by engaging with the local business community through supplier expansion and contracting activities and by employing and training Ugandans through scholarships for advanced level education and support to tertiary institutions. We have also invested in social investment programs.

To prepare for the implementation of the development phase of Ugandan’s oil and gas project, we agreed on the need to determine and align the potential demand of the project
for goods and services with the capacity of the Ugandan market to deliver them. Accordingly, an extensive Industrial Baseline Survey (IBS) was undertaken through detailed consultation within the Joint Venture technical teams, with Government counterparts, and with a survey of the private sector in the country. This survey accessed the quantity and quality of
goods and services that will be required for the project we are undertaking as compared to the existing human and productive capacity of the Ugandan market.

This survey has been commissioned with a clear objective to promote national content as much as possible during the development and production phase of the project. We are proud to be pioneers in having launched such an industrial survey at this early stage of the project.
The results of the IBS reflected in this Communication Tool show key messages which are well elaborated in the document attached below.

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